Specially designed to help you

pass the California Real Estate Exam

on your first try!

You have already made the decision to begin an exciting career in Real Estate sales.

Now you have to get your license. We can help!

Exam advantage is an easy to use system designed to help you pass the California Real Estate Exam by using up-to-date questions similar to those that will appear on your actual test. The App allows you to track your progress as you work through hundreds of questions, letting you know when you answered correctly, flagging incorrect answers, and providing the right answer for further study.

Why Choose Tarbell, Realtors?

We know that a knowledgeable REALTOR is a successful one, so once you pass the state exam your training doesn’t stop there. We provide our agents with comprehensive training for every level of their career. Our superior support systems and results-driven marketing will ensure you become the success you are meant to be.

Tarbell, Realtors is California's largest family-owned Real Estate Company, serving the American Dream of home ownership for nearly 90 years.

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General instruction

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"Select Test" Page

Selecting Test

To select a test, click on the "Select" button.

Resetting Test

To clear a test of all answers, notes and marks, click on the "Reset" button


You will also find a test summary which includes amount of questions, marked, correctly answered, incorrectly answered and unanswered questions.

Clicking "Take Test" tab

Whenver you click on "Take Test" tab, it will take you to the question you were on previously.

"Take Test" Page

Incorrect Answer

If answered INCORRECTLY, "red" will display. The correct "green" answer will also display along with a clarification paragraph.

Correct Answer

If answered CORRECTLY, "green" will display along with a clarification paragraph.

Mark Question

You can always MARK a question to revisit at a later time.

Test Navigation

To jump to the next or previous question, use the regular left and right buttons. To jump to next or previous marked question, use the buttons with check icon.

Entering Notes

You can enter notes in the text box below the answers. Notes are automatically saved unless you "reset" the test.

"Review Test" Page


The top section of Review Test page contains the test summary. It includes marked, correctly answered, incorrectly answered, and unanswered questions.

Reviewing Test

White buttons = unanswered, green = correctly answered, red = incorrectly answered, check mark = marked question

Jump to Question

Click on any numbered button on the Review Test page to jump directly to that question.